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Peter Husen Political Solutions is a Berlin-based political consultancy. Key services for our clients are political analysis & audits and the organization of effective public affairs management and lobbying activities in Berlin and Brussels.


For international companies which want to position themselves and their services & products in Germany Peter Husen Political Solutions acts as political scout and bridge-head in Berlin.


Conducting political audits and establishing an effective monitoring system for our clients we make sure that you are familiar with the political setting, processes, discussions and issues that affect your business. Additionally, we ensure that your voice is heard in the political discussions by developing political strategies & documents, identifying your crucial political stakeholders and organizing meetings with relevant actors.


Founder and contact person for every client is Peter Husen. Since the early 2000s he works at the interface of politics and business. Peter Husen has long experience working as policy advisor and lobbyist in Berlin and Brussels, where he spent five years managing the political relations to the EU institutions for clients from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


You can get in touch with Peter directly by email


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